Thunder Heart Haven

Address: 455 S. Amelia St., Ridgway CO 81432    Reservation Line: 1-970-729-1848

Hug a Horse with Alice


Alice with Libby, a mustang mare she rescued from the Spring Creek herd. Credit: TJ Holmes

Alice with Gus while farrier trims his hooves. Credit: K.R Burke

She is ‘The Horse Lady.’ Meeting her, talking with her, you sense this immediately. It’s not the scruffy hat, or the manure-bottomed boots, or even the bits of hay in her hair. It’s the look in her eyes when she talks about her beloved horses.

At her horse sanctuary, Thunder Heart Haven, Alice cares for her horses. She has six right now—four are seniors and retired, two are riding horses. They range in age from eight to 34. She loves them all.

“Horses are my passion,” Alice says. “I believe they are truly gifts from God. They love you unconditionally and are very grounding, literally, they are ‘down to earth’ beings. They’re strong in character, very healing and quite intuitive and they are always present. They are good for one’s soul. Horses understand the concept of “connectedness,” and as four-leggeds, they have much to teach the two-leggeds of this Earth.”

These equine emotional connections are what Alice shares with her guests. Some come for retreats or overnight events. Some come to rent the artsy cabin for a few nights. Others come for half day workshops with the horses. Alice shares her experience and knowledge and offers her guests a hands-on opportunity to get to know the horses.

“I am grateful for their patience and inspiration,” she says. Patience is certainly needed when sharing hands-on experiences with new people, some of whom have never even been up close to a horse. As for the inspiration, well, Alice is an artist. And her favorite subject, of course, is horses.

When you look at her art and there is no doubt, all that emotion and feeling, color and line just leaps from the canvas and captures your heart. As it surely has captured hers. Her work is joyous, vibrant, alive. It’s interactive. Makes you want to throw out your arms and just plain, hug a horse!

Alice invites you to visit Thunder Heart Haven, and do just that: hug a horse.

To view her artwork, book a stay at the cabin, take an art class or workshop, or sign up for a retreat, contact her here.